Science and Pseudoscience: "Newton Was An Alchemist"

We can all be both [scientist and pseudoscientist]. Newton was an alchemist.


{I]ndeed, the more you know, the more you fall for confirmation bias. Expertise gives you the tools to seek out the confirmations you need to buttress your beliefs.


"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts", said Richard Feynman. Never rely on the consensus of experts about the future. Experts are worth listening to about the past, but not the future. Futurology is pseudoscience.


A theory so flexible it can rationalize any outcome is a pseudoscientific theory.

[S]cience as an institution is and always has been plagued by the temptations of confirmation bias. With alarming ease it morphs into pseudoscience even – perhaps especially – in the hands of elite experts and especially when predicting the future and when there’s lavish funding at stake. It needs heretics.

Via Matt Ridley: Scientific Heresy.