Perfect. Movie.

I wish I could review it properly, but I cannot. It is simply outstanding. Imagine a CGI homage to all the sci-fi cliffhanger reels from the 30s, throw in more modern references to Star Wars and Indiana Jones (which themselves were modeled after those same films), and add way-cool impossible-but-spectacular retro-technology like Flying Aircraft Carriers and submarine fighter planes. Just breathtaking. I will have to go see it again, on a bigger screen and with better sound, if I can find it.

My Rating: worth full evening price, twice.

(Note: as this is the first movie I've posted here, my rating scheme is based on how much you have to pay to see it. Worst rating, of course, is "avoid". Next best is "only see it if someone else pays", then "matinee", then "full evening." Films you need to see more than once on the big screen are "full evening price, twice." Sky Captain rates the highest. Great way to get started.)