Jeremy Cowgar was kind enough to put together a render set for LaTeX; this means that you can now transform Wiki text to XHTML, plain text, or LaTeX markup. Latex support is about 80% complete abd is remarkably well-done. I'll be taking Jeremy on as a project devloper once he can get a PEAR account and the related PHP CVS access.

I removed the 'Translatehtml' rule set; as it is XHTML-specific, it had no place in the general parse/render cycle. Instead, its functionality has been moved into Render/Xhtml.php method pre(). To modify its behavior, instead of setRenderConf(), use setFormatConf('Xhtml', 'translate', translation-table or boolean false to turn off translation).

Looking forward to DocBook rendering support, I have added a new rule called 'Function' that allows you to enter a function definition with 'access', 'return', 'param' descriptions and defaults, and 'throws' keys, along with an almost-complete Xhtml renderer and stub renderers for Plain and Latex.

For other changes, please see the change log. I'll update the documentation next week.

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