YaWiki 0.18 alpha is ready for download. The change notes are:

* updated to take advantage of Text_Wiki 0.22 and later

* configuration change: Text_Wiki parsing and rendering is much more configurable via [Text_Wiki_*] groups in Yawp.conf.php (instead of via the [yawiki] group)

* now supports RSS feeds for all pages in all areas, all pages in one area, or one page in one area

* yawiki::getPage() now takes optional $area, $page, and $dt arguments

* clicking on the "Revert" button when no date-time is selected now reverts to the most-current saved version

* cannot delete Main (or other default) area in area_list.php

* other areas in the wiki are automatically set up as interwiki sites

* acl.php area name list now shows a '*' wildcard

* there is now a "settings" link on area_list.php (clicking on the area name will take you to the page list)

One big deal is that you can configure Text_Wiki directly now, with all the new CSS options that Text_Wiki 0.23.1 has. Another is that public RSS feeds are available for the entire wiki, one area (all pages), or one page in an area. No RSS feeds for comments yet, because that's part of a separate project (Yet Another Comment System, or Yacs, which has until now been embedded in YaWiki in pre-alpha form).

With this release, I am willing to call YaWiki feature-complete for a 1.0 release. Keep the bug reports coming (there have been remarkably few, hope it stays that way) and I'll start commenting and documenting in earnest. With luck it can go beta over the next couple of months, then a stable release early next year.

YaWiki is a wiki-like CMS (or a CMS-like wiki, if you prefer) designed for collaborative documentation efforts. It is built from PEAR and PEAR-compliant components such as Savant, DB_Table, Text_Wiki, and uses the Yawp foundation for rapid application development.

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