Today, Iraqis get to vote. They were beaten, murdered, gassed, starved, raped, looted, and tyrannized by a dictator for fifty years, and by kings and tyrants before that for all time in memory. But today they get to vote.

Regardless of your short-term petty political bickering about Bush, he's the one who got this ball rolling. Today a people gets to choose its government, because America looked to its own interests, and found those interests to be the same as the Iraqi people: freedom.

A small minority wants to blow them up for voting; those in that minority has only violence and blood, not freedom, on their minds. That's not going to stop the vast majority who want freedom; they will vote, not in spite of, but because of the danger that minority represents.

It's a good day. Break out the cigars, and hail: "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!"