Solar is a simple object library and application repository for PHP5. This is a development release made in the middle of the night due to insomnia. ;-)

Among other things, there is a second proof-of-concept application included; Solar_App_Bookmarks mimics and extends a lot of functionality. I'm already using it instead of, as I can assign arbitrary ranks to links and then get an RSS feed in that order, instead of descending by timestamp.

Finally, I've started an open wiki for documentation (now that I have two good working apps I think it's time to describe how to install and use them ;-).

The change notes are:

* WARNING: This is a public development release, and is not
  yet stable.

* WARNING: There are database schema changes in this release.

* Fixed bug in Solar::pathinfo(); elements were all off by 1
  (needed to shift off the first returned element, as it
  is always blank).

* In Solar_Sql_Entity::buildSchema(), the 'join' value must
  now be a $schema['rel'] keyword.

* Solar_Sql_Entity::update() now retains primary keys in a
  separate array (instead of unsetting them entirely) and
  restores them after the update process; this will help
  with post-update tasks that need the primary key.

* Solar_Sql_Entity::selectCount() and selectPages() have
  been combined into countPages(), which returns an array
  with both the row count and the page count.

* Solar_User_Auth_Htpasswd now rejects DES-encrypted
  passwords longer than 8 characters due to a limitation
  in crypt().  Have added support for SHA1 (thanks Tomas
  Cox) and APR1-MD5 (thanks Mike Wallner) encrypted
  passwords to offset this.

* Added Solar_User_Auth_Multi to perform authentication
  against multiple fallback sources.

* Solar_User_Role now uses a single role driver class by

* Added Solar_User_Role_Multi to pull from multiple
  group/role sources.

* Renamed Solar_Cell_Talk to Solar_Cell_Comments for clarity
  (this includes a set of schema changes as well as
  in-place support for trackback and pingback storage).

* Schema changes to Solar_Cell_Bugs.

* Added Solar_Uri as a URI import/manipulate/export tool,
  generally useful for building navigation links.  Works
  with query elements as well as path_info elements.

* Added Solar_Cell_Tags as a shared tag-search resource to
  support ubiquitous tagging across all Solar applications.

* Added Solar_Cell_Bookmarks and Solar_App_Bookmarks for
  bookmark management similar to the service.

* Various locale string additions and modifications.
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