Solar is a simple object library and application repository for PHP5 under E_STRICT. It takes hints from PEAR and Horde, and bears some superficial resemblance to Ruby on Rails for its MVC application directory structure.

API documentation is becoming voluminous, and is bundled with the package now, along with an example Solar.config.php file.

The change notes for this release are:

* WARNING: This is a public development release, and is not
    yet stable.

* API documentation is now distributed with Solar
    installations; this accounts for 90% or more of the
    package size.  Look in your PEAR docs/ directory for the
    new files.

* Added a Solar.config.php example to documentation.  Look
    for it in your PEAR docs/ directory.

* Added Solar_Template class (is an extended and customized
    Savant3 class).  Savant3 is now distributed in the
    Template/ directory.

* Solar_App:

    * Converted $action_src, $action_var, and
        $action_default to array keys ($action['src'],
        $action['var'], $action['default']).

    * Added a $view property (is a reference to the shared
        object called 'template'; i.e., a Solar_Template
        object).  Sets up the views directory
        (template_path) automatically, and sets up the added
        paths for user-developed themes automatically.

    * Calling view() now returns the output of the named
        named view, not the path to the file for that view.

    * Calling model() now returns a new instance of the
        named model, instead of the path to the file for
        that model.

* Converted Solar_App_Bugs and Solar_App_Bookmarks to use
    the new and different Solar_App features for $action,
    $view, and view().

* Solar_Cache_File:

    * Now uses '.serial' as the filename extension for
        serialized files no matter what

    * No more prefixing of file names

    * Config values are transferred to protected properties
        so they cannot be changed after instantiation

    * Creates the cache directory if it does not already

    * Always hashes the cache entry key (prevents directory

* Solar_Cache_Mem renamed to Solar_Cache_Memcache.

* Solar_App_Bookmarks: if you try to QuickMark a URI that
    you already have bookmarked, you are redirected to that
    entry in your bookmarks (instead of it being stored more
    than once).

* Solar_Sql_Driver: now uses lazy connections. it connects
    at exec() time instead of __construct() time.  This puts
    the speed hit of connecting to the database until the
    last possible instant, which means merely instantiating
    an Sql object should not slow you down.
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