My earlier statement that I would be concentrating on administrative tasks notwithstanding ;-) I just released Solar 0.4.0 a few minutes ago. This is because the documentation process has allowed me to discover some inconsistencies and other issues.

A few highlights about this release:

* Thanks to Clay Loveless, who set up the packaging-script to use Greg Beaver's PackageFileManager2. This makes us more forward-compatible with upcoming PEAR releases.

* Thanks to Dan Cain, who pointed out that double-underscores in names are reserved for core PHP functionality, so I've changed the __solar() hook method to just solar() instead.

* Thanks to Travis Swicegood, Matthew Weier O'Phinney, et. al. for pointing out that the general $config property made more sense as a protected, rather than public, property. In most cases those options never got changed after instantiation; in the few cases where a $config option is allowed to be modified, I have added getter and setter methods.

* Thanks to Jason Sweat for hounding me earlier this year about unit testing. I have added a .phpt unit test set for Solar_Cache_File. Seeing as this one test set has already made my life much easier, there will be more coming for other parts of Solar.

For the whole list, just read the change log at our channel server. (Yes, the CSS is still ugly, sorry.)

Solar is a simple object library and application repository for E_STRICT PHP5 in the mode of PEAR, Horde, and other similar frameworks.

UPDATE (2005-06-28): There is new end-user documentation as well as a new 0.5.0 release.

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