I can't claim that I'm starting a new series like Chris Shiflett, but Marcus did honor me by asking if I'd give an interview for Pro-PHP. Of course I accepted. :-) We had attempted it two previous times (once by Skype and once in-person) over the past few weeks, but due to technical difficulties they both fell through. Third time's the charm, though, and the interview itself went off without a hitch yesterday (by Skype on a much-improved connection).

We talked about everything from Savant (including comparisons to Smarty, and the failed PEAR proposal) to YaWiki, Yawp, and Solar, as well as some of my ideas about how to write code. I felt like I was rambling on at least half the time, and although I had the presence of mind to mention names where I could, I'm certain to have left out important folks. When I listen to the interview in its edited state (which I guess will be when everyone else does ;-) I'll make a list of everyone I failed to recall and post them here, or perhaps as a comment to the Pro-PHP blog entry.

And of course I can almost guarantee that it'll generate a(nother) spate of offended sensibilities; I seem to do that even when I edit my own written comments, I can only imagine how bad it'll be when I'm speaking without benefit of rephrase. :-)

Update: I just posted a followup to the interview here to proved errata and links.

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