Savant is an object-oriented template system for PHP; it provides plugins, output filters, path management, stream support, and lots more. Savant uses PHP itself as the template language, so it is both fast and lightweight. Savant3 is for PHP5 E_STRICT compliance, while Savant2 is E_ALL compliant under both PHP4 and PHP5.


Savant3 is marked "stable" as of yesterday, bringing to a close the very long beta period. You can read the change log and download it here. Woohoo!

Cyberlot notes his success using Savant3 and gettext; he wrote up an output filter that translates special tags, then caches the result. Nice work! (Update, 10am: see also his brief writeup via the Savant mailing list archive.)

Antti Holvikari noted some bugs (fixed in yesterday's release of Savant3) and wrote a proof-of-concept app using Savant3 inside a PHP_Archive .phar file. Pretty cool, Antti!


Also as of yesterday, Savant2 series has a 2.4.2 release. You can read the full change log, but the main points are:

  • Fixed a strpos() param order bug in the code for stream support
  • Use of __autoload() under PHP5 is now configurable; it's off by default, but you can turn it on with setAutoload(true)
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