This release of Solar includes a minor BC break in how Solar_Sql_Table lets you set up column validation. It also standardizes how validation routines get feedback messages. The change notes are:

* Solar_Sql_Table

    * When specifying a 'valid' key for a column, you now get only
      one validation; if you need more than one validation routine,
      use the 'multiple' method.  Also, you can now specify the
      validation message key you want to use, instead of it being
      forced to 'VALID_COLNAME' (where COLNAME is the column name).
      You can still use a string as the 'valid' key value for simple
      validations.  These changes per discussion with Jeff Surgeson.

    * Uses more Solar_Valid validations internally now

* Solar_Form_Load_Table

    * Modified loading logic to use the new Solar_Sql_Table::$_col
      'valid' key value structure.

* Solar_Valid

    * New method feedback() standardizes Solar_Sql_Table and Solar_Form
      calls where a validation message is returned when data validation
      fails; this is the opposite of all other Solar_Valid methods, in
      that an empty return value indicated success, not failure.

    * New method range() checks a value against min and max range

    * New method rangeLength() checks the length of a value against
      min and max lengths

    * Renamed method inScope() to scope()
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