Shortly, I will post the first of what I expect to be an occasional series of observations on management practice in the development world. Although the series is not PHP-specific, it will be in the context of developer-managers, so I'm categorizing it under both PHP and management.

I hold an undergraduate business degree, have contributed to various management papers and studies, have been an entrepreneur, have rejoiced under good management and suffered under bad management, and have been both a good manager and bad manager. I think these are sufficient qualifications for my opinion having some basis in reality.

To protect the guilty (including myself ;-) I've invented a composite character I'll call "Dirk Karkles" to act the part of the poor or misguided manager; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Similarly, I'll be using the composite character "Bolivar Shagnasty" from time to time as the developer or other target of Dirk's policies and practices.

My catchphrase for this series is "Don't be a Dirk." :-)

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