Yesterday, I released Solar 0.27.0, then quick-fixed two minor bugs and released 0.27.1 an hour later. It feels so good to be back doing releases on a monthly basis. :)

There are a few highlights in this release:

  1. We're using spl_autoload now to auto-load Solar classes as requested. One nice thing about this is that SPL uses a stack of autoloading functions, so Solar doesn't override any autoload you already have set up.

  2. The locale translation functions have been split out to their own class, Solar_Locale, and you can now configure your own replacement localization class if you need custom behaviors.

  3. It appears we now have the fastest and most-compliant JSON encoder/decoder in the PHP universe, thanks to Clay Loveless. It uses ext/json but does a little pre-checking to make sure the strings to be decoded are actually JSON payloads.

  4. Our SQL adapter adds a bit of convenience to get around stricter binding behaviors in the PHP 5.2.1 version of PDO.

  5. The Solar_Uri class now determines the '.ext' filename extension in a URI automatically; this bit of magic helps when determining what format is being requested from a page-controller, and helps when constructing alternative links for a single page that supports multiple formats.

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