This is waaay late, but better than never. ;-)

I didn't get to attend too many talks this time around, mostly because I spent my time practicing and editing my presentations the-day-of. I did get to all three of the talks from Jeff Moore (valuable stuff), as well Ed Finkler's PhpSecInfo presentation (it looks like a very useful security tool).

I also got to speak (too briefly) with a couple of fellow framework enthusiasts: Dustin Whittle of Symfony, and Felix Geisend├â┬Ârfer of Cake.

Felix made it to my benchmarking talk and gave valuable feedback on the methodology and results. Dustin did not attend; I'm sure he was preparing for his own presentation in the following hour. I also got to speak (again too briefly) with Chris Jones (no relation), who had very nice things to say about my performance.

I wish I'd had a Code Igniter devotee at that one, but Ed Finkler did make it to my project organization talk as a representative user of CI.

I've not seen this linked prominently anywhere, but you can get all the slides from php|works 2007 (well, all the ones that the presenters turned in ;-) here:,slides

Finally, while I did get to hang around with all the "cool kids" and presenters (Sara Golemon, Chris Shiflett, Sebastian Bergmann, Andrei Zmievski, Cal Evans, Megan Nelson, Ben Ramsey, Derick Rethans, Clay Loveless, and everyone else whose names escape me right now), what I *really* enjoyed was meeting the attendees and hearing about the work they're doing with PHP. That's always the high point of these conferences for me. :-)

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