I admit that I am an unproductive whiner on this issue. I don't care if namespaces go into PHP or not; at this point, I'd almost rather they not. But some of my feelings as expressed on IM this morning:

09:13:08  pmjones: yayfornewnamespaceseparator
09:13:12  pmjones: hmmmm
09:13:19  nate: oh geez
09:13:27  nate: I can't believe they picked *that* one
09:13:33  pmjones: does that mean there are two newlines in that phrase?
09:13:36  pmjones: who knows.
09:13:53  nate: you should really post something like that
09:14:01  pmjones: maybe PHP really *is* getting bought by Microsoft
09:14:12  nate: yeah
09:14:17  nate: you'd have at least thought they'd go with /
09:14:31  pmjones: no, that's division
09:14:38  pmjones: which might make sense, now that i think about it
09:14:47  pmjones: for all the divisiveness we have over it
09:14:51  nate: heh ;-)
09:14:59  nate: you took the words out of my mouth
09:15:03  nate: er, fingers
09:15:06  pmjones: indeed
09:15:16  pmjones: i know you want namespaces very badly ...
09:15:23  pmjones: ... but do you want them *this* badly?
09:15:45  nate: still undecided
09:16:00  pmjones: if you want them badly, badly is what you've got ;-)

To explain the jokes:

The "n" characters in the namespace string are escaped newlines; thus, "yayfornewnamespaceseparator" might well be translated as "yayfor[newline]ew[newline]amespaceseparator". ASCII gurus will know what f and s translate to.

Zend Is Not PHP, so Microsoft can't buy "PHP". But the backslashes are very DOS-ish.

Here ends the unproductive whining, at least for now.

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