I was part of the organizing committee for yesterday's Tax Day Tea Party here in Memphis. That sounds kind of formal; it was just a bunch of folks who found each other on the internet and (with some amount of arguing, mostly from me ;-) got an event put together. Talk about an emergent phenomenon.

I can only call it a resounding success. We had at least 4000 (yes, four thousand or more) people in attendance, according to the professional sound crews in attendance and media folk who were on site. You'd be hard pressed to discover that from newspapers or television reporting today.

We're not the only ones who had high attendance; see more here http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/76810/ and elsewhere.

My duties kept me from actually watching any of the speakers. I helped direct traffic for 3 hours to get people safely in and out, with three other guys handling the arrangement of parking everyone on the grass (the lot overflowed immediately). That 4000 number seems pretty likely to me, given the traffic.

If you are interested in the Memphis Tea Party, take a look at thememphisteaparty.com website, or our Facebook group page, or contact me directly if you like.

I expect at some point I will write more about this. There's more to it than I'm hearing about on the news, for sure. One wonders how far it can go.

UPDATE: Oh, and the Facebook page for the Tax Day event itself is here.

UPDATE 2: Some of the Facebook albums: