Yesterday, I released Solar 1.0.0beta3. You can see the very short change log here. Special thanks to “kalkin” for committing a series of fixes and improvements.

These days I’m concentrating more on documentation. Previously, we had only the ubiquitous quick-start blog demo. This release includes a new chapter on Solar’s dynamic dispatch cycle; i.e., the bootstrap, front controller, page controller, action method, and view. (I’m starting a chapter on the DataMapper-style model system today.)

Incidentally, I’ve been writing the docs in DocBook 5 and building them with xsltproc. You can see the whole build system in the Solar docs repository. I tried using the new PhD build system, but it required more effort and energy than I could spare. PhD is screamingly fast, but it’s not doing everything that xsltproc does just yet, and I barely have enough time to work on my own projects as it is.

(This announcement is cross-posted from the Solar framework blog).

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