In my regular calls with my dad, he mentioned that it seems Baby Boomers, when unhappy with their jobs, tend to do little but whine about it, whereas Gen-Xers tend to quit. I thought that observation meshed well with this insight from Peter Drucker ("The Essential Drucker", p. 314):

But increasingly also, knowledge workers, and especially people of advanced knowledge, see the organization as the tool for the accomplishment of their own purposes and, therefore, resent ... any attempt to subject them to the organization as a community, that is, to the control of the organization; to the demand of the organization that they commit themselves to lifetime membership and to the demand that they subordinate their own aspirations to the goals and values of the organization. This is inevitable because the possessor of knowledge ... owns his or her "tools of production" and has the freedom to move wherever opportunities for effectiveness, for accomplishment, and for advancement seem greatest.

Managers in IT organizations might do well to remember this.

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