I'm on vacation in San Miguel de Allende from 19 Mar to 19 Apr. What with the conference trip to Canada a couple of weeks ago, this looks a lot like "NAFTA Tour 2010". ;-)

My good friend Ben Carter is watching the house and my girls while I'm away. I see he's gotten a Facebook post out of it already. Have an extra glass for me, pal.

I arrived yesterday; the flight was uneventful, but I've been fighting off either a cold or spring allergies, and the sniffles/stuffiness/redeye became unbearable the moment the hatch opened at MEX. The poor folks in the cab with me from MEX to SMA had to deal with my nose-blowing and eye-wiping for four hours. (Sorry, folks.) But today things are much better.

Last night I went out for dinner with Frank Gardner, his lovely wife Julissa, and their adorable daughter Erin. Frank's an artist of no small renown; you can see some of his work here. I capped off the evening with some Nyquil-D.

This morning was breakfast by the Jardin, a whole day of sleep, and a big comida at La Terrazza. I just now got back from the Mega (think "Wal-Mart") with all my breakfast fixings, so I can eat first thing every morning instead of having to shower and dress and walk to a restaurant each day. (This is part of my OCD; that, and it's cheaper. ;-)

I'm staying at my friend Anthony Gentile's place until he returns. When he does, I'm going to find a place of my own for the remaining three weeks.

I have no special plans; I just want to "be" here, not "do stuff" here. Even so, I'm no good if I don't have work of some sort, so I expect I'll be doing some Solar stuff (like documentation) off and on.

And now, up to the open-air terrace to finish the day with some Jameson's Irish Whiskey, and maybe a read a bit, then sleep.