Does this strike anyone else as a problem? Because it does me:

As New Yorkers who suffered the ultimate call to prayer on 911, there is no reason in the world why we must be subjected to this noise harassment. Pamela H caught this amplified "call to prayer" on 29th street today.

Will the 13-story mega mosque be blaring the Muslim call to prayer on 911?

Bronx Mosque Suspends Request to Amplify Call to Prayer; Residents Remain Unsympathetic

This is merely an extension of the takeover of our streets -- every year we have to put up with this islamic supremacism.

Child in she a sex object? Why the cover up?

Praying on Madison Avenue.

Police dropped down too

The fellow in a NYPD uniform kneeling down with the eagles on his shoulder is at the rank of Inspector. He seems awfully damn young to be that high up the ranks.

Women allowed to pray in the last two rows only.

Initial reaction: you want to pray, fine; do it inside, and don't disturb the peace with your bullhorn. Another initial reaction: a uniformed officer of the law in public execution of his duties should not be acting that way on the street.

via Broadcasting and Blaring the call to Prayer in NYC - Atlas Shrugs.