Sometimes you may wish to use Aura as a micro-framework. It’s also possible to assigning anonymous function to controller:

$map->add("read", "/blog/read/{:id}{:format}", [
    "params" => [
        "id" => "(d+)",
        "format" => "(..+)?",
    "values" => [
        "controller" => function ($args) {
            $id = (int) $args["id"];
            return "Reading blog ID {$id}";
        "format" => ".html",

When you are using Aura.Router as a micro-framework, the dispatcher will look something similar to the one below:

$params = $route->values;
$controller = $params["controller"];
echo $controller($params);

Via phpmaster | Web Routing in PHP with Aura.Router. The Aura project for PHP 5.4 codebase is here.

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