When I started this blog back in 2004, I wanted it to be a single location for me to publish on any and all topics that piqued my interest. However, events that I have planned for the future (more on that later!) make me think it would be wise to split the blog in two: one for more professional topics, and one for those that are more personal.

This existing .com blog will continue to be where I publish regarding technical, development, programming, management, and other professional topics. The new .org blog, will be "everything else," including the political and economics posts that some of my readers love and others loathe.

The non-development-related posts on this blog have already been moved over to the .org location, and will disappear from this .com site soon. Short of adding rewrite rules for *every single post* that is now only over at the .org site, I can think of nothing that will keep existing links to those posts from breaking. My apologies to those of you who are affected. Comments, etc., will be retained.

Pretty soon, I'm going to change the hosting and the theme here as well. With any luck I'll have an announcement thereafter for all the remaining technical readers.

Thanks for your patience, everybody!

UPDATE (9:48pm): Turns out it was relatively easy to select all the post IDs on the .org site and build a list of Apache "RedirectPermanent" directives on the .com site, like so:

RedirectPermanent /archives/6 http://paul-m-jones.org/archives/6

That's courtesy of Apache mod_alias, not mod_rewrite, which is nice.

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