... the Aura.Web_Project package is a minimalist web-specific project framework that starts out small and grows only as you need it.

By “minimal” we mean very minimal. The project package provides only a dependency injection container, a configuration system, a router, a dispatcher, a pair of request and response objects, and a Monolog instance for logging.

This minimal implementation should not be taken as “restrictive”:

  • The DI container, coupled with the project kernel’s two-stage configuration, allows a wide range of programmatic service definitions. This means no more static calls to configure services; edit the modify stage config files, pull a service out of the container, and operate on it directly.

  • You can add any library you want into the project, not just Aura libraries, through Composer and the DI container. This means the bundle/plugin universe is made up of anything written in PHP, not just Aura-specific plugins.

  • As noted in earlier articles in this series, the router and dispatcher are completely separated from each other, and are built with iterative refactoring in mind. This means you can start with micro-framework-like closure controllers, and work your way into more complex controller objects of your own design.

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