Just some short updates today, since last week was so very busy:

1. The "Action-Domain-Responder" (née "Action-Domain-Response") refinement of the MVC pattern has received some positive criticism and attention. In addition to example code updates, I have added responses (heh) to critiques regarding the Resource-Method-Representation pattern, and will soon be adding a response regarding "Entity-Interactor-Boundary" (aka "Entity-Contol-Boundary"). Many thanks to the commenters who recognized that they were already doing something along the lines of ADR; this helps to validate the pattern as something that already occurs "in the wild." If you like the pattern offering, please star it at Github.

2. Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP is now available for purchase in softcover via Lulu.com.

3. It looks like the next two Aura v2 releases will be Aura.View (the view system, specifically the "reduced" branch) and Aura.Html (the HTML helper collection that can be used by any view system). I've done a lot of work on them in the past few days and they're beginning to feel like they're ready.

Cheers all!

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