New v2 releases, and hey, what's this about Aura.Di finally getting auto-resolution of typehinted parameters?

First, we have brand new 2.0.0 stable releases of these v2 packages!

Next, the Aura.Di package just got bumped to 2.0.0-beta2. This package in particular has seen some great new improvements, most notably auto-resolution of typehinted constructor parameters, and a brand-new README. Check it out at

Emphasis not in original; read the whole notice at

Auto-resolution of typehinted parameters is something I've been against since the beginning of Aura.Di. After having used implicit magical convention for a long time, I have learned to prefer explicit configuration. However, auto-resolution turned out to be relatively simple to add, and the tradeoff of not having to explicitly specify every lazyNew('ClassName') every time on every parameter seems reasonable. (One hopes one does not get burned later for having made this concession.)

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