Exciting news! After a little over a year in the making, the Aura web and CLI project packages saw their first stable 2.0 releases this weekend. This is a major milestone for Aura, as it means not just the core libraries but also the frameworks built from them are now complete.

Because Aura takes a “libraries first, framework second” approach, the project packages had to wait for the following 2.0 stable releases of these core libraries yesterday:

  • Aura.Di (a dependency injection container)
  • Aura.Web (web request/response objects, and a response sender)

Once those were stable, it was not much trouble to promote the various kernels and project skeletons to stable as well:

(Unlike Aura library packages, which have no dependencies because they are completely decoupled from each other, the *_Kernel and *_Project packages do have dependencies, as they are compositions of library and other packages.)

Read more on the Aura blog, including other library releases: First 2.0 Stable Project Releases!.

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