Does this sound like anyone you know?

I’m charmed and sometimes I’m exasperated by how [Millennials] deal with the world. My huge generalities touch on their over-sensitivity, their insistence that they are right despite the overwhelming proof that suggests they are not, their lack of placing things within context, the overreacting, the passive-aggressive positivity.

I am looking at Millenials from the POV of a member of one of the most pessimistic and ironic generations that has ever roamed the earth. -- Generation X . Even my boyfriend agrees that [Millenials are] overly sensitive, especially when dealing with criticism. When [a Millenial] creates something they have so many outlets to display it that it often goes out into the world unfettered, unedited, posted everywhere … but when criticized for this content they seem to collapse into a shame spiral and the person criticizing them is automatically labeled a hater, a contrarian, a troll.

Anxiety and neediness are the defining aspects of [Millenials] and when you don’t have the cushion of rising through the world economically then what do you rely on? Well, your social media presence: maintaining it, keeping the brand in play, striving to be liked, to be liked, to be liked. And this creates its own kind of ceaseless anxiety. This is why if anyone has a snarky opinion of [Millenials] then that person is labeled by them as a “douche”--case closed. No negativity -- we just want to be admired. This is problematic because it limits discourse: if we all just like everything--the Millennial dream--then what are we going to be talking about?

Millennials can’t deal with that kind of cold-eye reality. This is why [they] only ask right now : please, please, please, only give positive feedback please.

Edited for compactness, from Generation Wuss.