Andrew Shell asks, What is the best way to handle sessions with ADR? (The problem is that the built-in PHP session extension combines the concerns of reading input, managing storage, and sending output; the solution is a domain-layer session-data manager.)

I’ve reached a point with a couple of my Radar projects where I need to add a login and set permissions. I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle this, especially with PSR-7 and ADR. ...

[In Action-Domain-Responder] it’s ok to read the session cookie in an Input class, and it’s ok to write the cookie in a Responder class, but pretty much everything else should be in the Domain layer. ...

[In the Domain layer,] Cadre.DomainSession takes a session id (or generates one) and loads session data from storage. It’s smart enough to handle regenerating session ids and cleaning up expired sessions.

Read the whole article at FutureProof PHP for examples and links!

UPDATE: Reddit discussion.

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