Primary Dog Zoe is violently ill. She seems to have a bout of ruinous puking and diarrhea every 3-4 months since I've had her (Sep/Oct 2003). This time I think it's my fault, though.

On Friday, I had the occasion to grill up some porterhouse steaks. I kept the bones in the refrigerator, and on Sunday roasted them over the grill, then simmered them for two hours to make stock. After that, I gave one bone to each of the dogs; that was Sunday night about 10pm. They consumed the bones, plus the remaining meat and fat, and seemed OK for it.

But Monday night about 8pm, Zoe was quivering and quiet, obviously unhappy but not "saying" anything. I took her out, and massive poop ensued -- two sets, the second more volumiunous than the first. But then she seemed fine; she perked back up, started playing again. I went to bed about 11:30 and put the dogs in their kennels (lately I keep Backup Dog Wendy in her kennel overnight because she likes to start nipping at Primary Dog and me around 4:30 am, but if she's caged then she just stays asleep -- I keep Primary Dog in kennel then so Backup has company). About 2:30, Backup Wendy starts whining; after about two minutes I yell "No!" and go back to sleep; by 3:30 she's doing it again, so I go out to investigate, and poor Zoe has puked and shat in her kennel. I feel pretty guilty; I think it was the steak bone, too rich for her, that caused her grief. :-(

So now I've finished rinsing and bleaching the kennel pan, the pillow is in the wash, and Primary Dog is outside. Next thing to do is give her a bath and get all that junk off her. No bed, no sleep; no no no, bed bed bed, for Paul until the dogs are OK.