I just released Savant2 version 2.2.0; you can get it from phpsavant.com. Here are two of the changes:

* There is a new error handling class for PHP5 exceptions. When you call setError('exception'), Savant2 will throw a Savant2_Exception whenever there is an error (with the error code and message, of course). This is in addition to setError('pear') for PEAR_Error support, and setError('stack') for PEAR_ErrorStack support.

* By default, Savant does not compile templates. However, there are some cases where you don't want to provide your template designers with full PHP access; as such Savant2 has had support for external compilers. As an example, I have included a new Savant2_Compiler_basic class to show how to create a simple compiler for Savant2.

You can see the updated documentation here.

Savant is a lightweight object-oriented template system for PHP; I bill is as "the simple, elegant, and powerful alternative to Smarty."

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