Solar is a simple object library and application repository for PHP; Solar applications bear some superficial resemblance to Ruby on Rails. Above all, Solar code is comprehensible and easy to understand, even for the relatively new PHP programmer, because it is exceptionally well-commented and adheres to a simple, straightforward style.

This is a bugfix release. You really should join the Solar mailing list; some good info on setting up Solar.config.php is there.

The changes notes for this release are:

* WARNING: This is a public development release, and is not
yet stable.

* Solar::start() now automatically shares and starts a Solar_User
object ('user') ... this makes sure authentication is always

* Solar_App::automap() now only attempts scandir() if the
requested directory actually exists.

* Solar_App_Bugs controllers for edit.php and item.php would
try to add the bug summary as the comment subject line,
but the max subject line is 64 chars (the max summary is
255) ... this would cause silent errors and fail to add
the comment.  S_A_Bugs no longer adds a subject line,
which seems to correct the issue.
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