Busy weekend; lots of MBA coursework completed, and three releases of Solar. This one is a combined bugfix and function enhancement. Change notes are:

* WARNING: This is a public development release, and is not
yet stable.

* Removed notify() method and related properties from
Solar_Cell_Comments, as that method is more properly in
the realm of the application (which may notify in many
different ways, if at all).

* Added setup() method to Solar_App for easier setting of
initial property values in extended classes (e.g., you
can use functions this way).  Added per discussion with
Bhishma Parva (thanks for pointing it out).

* Solar_Uri now automatically urlencodes query and pathinfo
values at export() time.

* Solar_App_Bookmarks now gives the correct backlink in
edit.php view (because of the new Solar_Uri automatic

* Solar_Cell_Bugs now shows priority options.

* Solar_Cell_Bugs edit form now allows editing of the summary.
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